Happy Wife wines

Happy Wife. Happy Life.


Happy Wife

Great wine doesn’t have to be hard or expensive.

It’s easy. You start with good grapes, grown locally by good people and you get a great bottle of wine. It’s that simple.

Happy Wife is a bright white wine made in Sonoma, CA that’s everything you want your best friend to be. It’s fun, unpretentious, always there for you AND makes you happy (BONUS POINTS).


Our Wines

Happy Wife is a white wine blend made of grapes picked early in the harvest. This way we get a lower alcohol content than other wines, making Happy Wife the perfect wine for ladies that lunch, to quench your thirst on a hot day, or any day really when what you’re looking for is a locally grown, good quality wine that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Building off our uber popular and easy drinking white blend, Happy Wife has released a RED BLEND and ROSE that deliver the same great value - and great wine.


White Blend





The Label

Made with love for the Happy Wife brand by Cartoonist Hilary Fitzgerald

When the winemakers set out to design the label for Happy Wife they knew just who HAD to do the artwork. Insert Hilary Fitzgerald, who grew up as their neighbor in Sonoma. 

Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell is a Brooklyn based cartoonist, writer and director from Sonoma. Her cartoons have appeared in The New Yorker, New York Times, and more. She co-illustrated Feminist Fight Club and recently released her first book, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, But You Could've Done Better. Her short documentaries have won top prizes across the country. 

She loves drinking wine, talking to her mother and watching Turner Classic Movies. Follow her on Instagram @CartoonsbyHilary! 

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Our Story

Made by Sonoma locals who farm grapes, know grapes and live grapes, Happy Wife was the answer to a good bottle of white wine you don’t have to stress over. Now in their third year of making Happy Wife White, there is a Rose and a Red on the way that follow the same model of good wine at a great price. 

When the winemakers aren’t busy making great wine, they’re busy raising their three children, running a vineyard management company and living a happy life.